Account Based Marketing

Account Based Marketing is a go-to-market methodology with a long track record of improving:

  • Sales in your company’s sweet spot target accounts
  • Extended longevity of key accounts (both new and existing)
  • Current customer account penetration
  • New  opportunities pipeline
  • Close rates
  • Marketing ROI
What you may not know is that QuadrimTech has been leading the charge in ABM  for over 3 years.
How does the ABM approach work for you with QuadrimTech?
  • Strategy:

QuadrimTech Account Based Marketing service provides our clients a best practices road map to drive sales pipeline in strategic target accounts.  Our go-to-market programs are unique to each of our clients and its revenue goals.

·        Target account selection.
·        Target account contact identification.
·        ABM is about nurturing relationships in target.
·        ABM favors highly personalized outbound strategies in target accounts.
·        ABM requires skilled communications.
There are 3 ways you can deploy the power of your QuadrimTech team to help you with your Account Based Marketing Program:
  • As a “best practices” consulting partner to advise on how to execute an ABM program specific to your needs and scenario.
  • As a complete ABM team – from the strategic plan, the target account selection and data build, to a crew of SDR reps performing the account development campaigns and lead nurturing outreach to generate qualified appointments.

As a hybrid model – utilizing some of your team or resources, along with parts of the QuadrimTech solution/team that will make your ABM program complete.